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BYIC + Heartwork Project Info

The Brethren Church in the Philippines is a growing dynamic cluster of 3 – 4 congregations whose drive is to bring the hope of the Gospel to every dark place they encounter. Active in adult small groups, children’s ministries, youth ministries, and relief from the many natural disasters that often assault the people, they are constantly seeking new ways to reach their community with the tangible love of Jesus.

Our project focus is the Bocaue Church, and their efforts to expand and renovate their church building. Renting a third-floor space in the heart of the city, the Bocaue Church seeks to be a refuge to their community. Currently, the building is open to outside air and the city noise below, making services and ministry efforts difficult. Year round, they battle extreme heat, with the help of 25-30 fans. The church has begun the process of raising funds to enclose the open air walls, and install air conditioning. This renovation will not only provide much-needed relief from the heat, but it will also allow the church to function more effectively as a community center to those outside of the church.

Partnering with the Bocaue Church, our 30 Days of Heartwork audacious goal is to raise $15,000 throughout the month of October to assist with the church renovation and ultimately helping the church achieve their mission of being the hope of the Gospel in their community.

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Here’s how it works:

On your kickoff night, have students text “BYICHW” to 31996 to start

Your 30 Days of Heartwork Kit includes:

  • 30 Daily Devos + Scripture for students (via a text flow and YouVersion Bible App) *Students text in “BYICHW” to 31996 at kickoff

  • 5 sermon outlines with keynote presentations and discussion guides

  • Weekly videos (choose from 9) and 35 beautifully designed social media graphics

  • E-book for Leaders

  • Design plans for 5 weekly experiential displays for youth room (includes virtual reality experience and video)

  • Parent e-book and 5 crafted parent emails for each week

  • PDF of empathy challenge calendar for digital distribution to group for printing

  • Youth generosity before/after assessment (results sent to you)

Heartwork Commitment

Heartwork loves the BYIC! Our mission is to see your group succeed and discover the incredible joy of spending yourselves for others. We promise to do our best to serve you!

  • We’ll provide all of the resources you need to complete a high-quality Heartwork campaign

  • We’ll be available by phone or email to consult with you before and throughout your 30 Days of Heartwork

  • We’ll provide you with the anonymous and informative data from the before/after assessments regarding the pulse of your students when it comes to generosity

  • We’ll communicate to your students via text message only about the 30 Days of Heartwork campaign, and invite them to follow us on social media for any additional opportunities they may choose to participate in

  • We’ll give you the resources to inspire your students to come together as the BYIC family and SPEND YOURSELVES well for your project in the Philippines. We’re so honored to be a part!

Your Commitment

Heartwork is a radical invitation to live differently. It’s very simple but it’s not easy and it shouldn’t be! Challenges are how we grow, so we invite you to take this on with faith and passion!

  • You’ll spend 5 weeks of your teaching time focused on this message of students growing by spending themselves for the BYIC Philippines project

  • You’ll inform and encourage students to participate in the 30 daily devotionals and empathy challenges

  • You’ll use the HW digital youth pastor resource kit to lead a campaign that impacts your students and community

  • You’ll use 5 minutes during the kickoff and closing nights to allow students to fill out the before/after assessments on their phones (or we can provide the link to print and mail)

  • You’ll rally your group to support the BYIC Philippines project and share your stories on the BYIC Heartwork Facebook page (link above)

“In a world where the predominant message is self, Heartwork helps to rightly align our focus on others first; to be the good news of Jesus in tangible ways. The 30 Days of Heartwork experience is designed to not only inform young people how to live differently but rather to challenge them to do so. As Brethren youth, as followers of Jesus, we are called to live a life that is contrary to the world. We are called to live different.”

Ryan Smith, Brethren Leadership Development National Coordinator