Heartwork loves to resource Pastors and Leaders in the great work you are already doing.

It’s no secret that we are facing a crisis of disillusionment with teenagers and church. Studies show that church engagement is declining rapidly among millennials. Pastors, we are with you. Our staff have all been in full time pastoral youth ministry and Heartwork was born in a local church. Our heart is to serve YOU in the incredible work you are doing with our young generation. At Heartwork we have found that providing students with an intentional and empowering opportunity to participate in the Kingdom of God, even at their young age is a transformative and potentially life-changing experience. We want to provide you with that experience for your students. We will offer the daily devotional content, video, social media posts, leader training, parent emails and print so that you can focus on discipling your students! It’s all fully customizable and very affordable. We believe in the potential of your students to live differently and change culture. We would love to serve you in teaching students to find JOY in spending themselves for others!

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Your 30 Days Kit includes:

  • 5 sermon outlines with keynote presentations and discussion guides

  • Weekly videos (choose from 9) and 35 beautifully designed social media

  • E-book for Leaders

  • Design plans for 5 weekly experiential displays for youth room (includes virtual reality experience and video)

  • Parent e-book and 5 crafted parent emails for each week

  • PDF of empathy challenge calendar for digital distribution to group for printing

Services we provide:

  •  30 daily devotionals for students (via series of 10 text messages and YouVersion Bible App) with scripture and daily challenges

  • Before/After student assessments

  • Phone consultation on selecting a project and campaign plan

  • 1 hour webinar training for leadership team


Our Commitment

Our mission is to see your group succeed and discover the incredible joy of spending yourselves for others. We promise to do our best to serve you!

  • We’ll provide all of the resources you need to launch a high-quality campaign

  • We’ll be available by phone or email to consult with you before and throughout your campaign

  • We’ll provide you with the anonymous and informative data from the before/after assessments

  • We’ll communicate to your students via text message only about the 30 Days of Heartwork campaign, and invite them to follow us on social media for any additional opportunities they may choose to participate in

  • We’ll invite your school into the Heartwork family, to continue your journey as a regular rhythm of self-sacrifice and service become defining characteristics of your group

Your Commitment

Your Commitment: Heartwork is a radical invitation to live differently. It’s very simple but it’s not easy and it shouldn’t be! Challenges are how we grow, so we invite you to take this on with faith and passion!

  • You’ll spend 5 weeks of your teaching time focused on this message of students growing by spending themselves for a project of your choice, in your community or around the world

  • You’ll use 5 minutes during the kickoff and closing nights to allow students to fill out the before/after assessments on their phones (or we can provide the link to print and mail)

  • You’ll inform and encourage students to participate in the 30 daily devotionals and empathy challenges

  • You’ll customize and use the HW resource kit to lead a campaign that impacts your students and community

  • You’ll share the amazing stories of your group and students with Heartwork

“Kids are growing up in a world of entitlement and lacking a heart of gratitude. It’s tough to help kids think outside of themselves! Heartwork can help you fulfill your mission, particularly as it relates to spiritual formation.”

Dan Egler, President of the Association of Christian Schools International