Let us serve your family with the 30 Days of Heartwork Family Kit.

We all want to teach the sacrificial love of Jesus to our kids, but the consumer focus of our society has a tendency to create a scarcity mentality. When young people confuse their wants and their needs they have “needs” that exceed their income before they even have an income! This can lead to a “never enough” lifestyle instead of an abundant life full of generosity and joy. Let us serve your family with the 30 Days of Heartwork Family Kit. You’ll take one month to live a different story and it may just change the way you live forever.

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Your Hello Heartwork Kit includes:

  • Digital E-Book for Parents to Start Your Heartwork Journey

  • 30 days of Heartwork paperback journals with daily scripture, challenges and journaling space (1 per child age 13+)
  • 30 days of Heartwork for Kids journals with scripture, questions and journaling (drawing or writing) space (1 per child age 2-12)

  • 30 Days of Heartwork Parents Guide

  • Virtual reality cardboard set and video

  • Fridge magnet(s) with Empathy Challenge Calendar and scripture memory verses
  • Bracelets, stickers and more

Services we provide:

  • Text messages to parents with AM blessing and PM discussion question

  • Before/After student assessments for high school students


Your investment

Heartwork is a radical invitation to live differently. It’s very simple but it’s not easy and it shouldn’t be! Challenges are how we grow, so we invite your family to take this on with faith and passion!

  • You’ll invest one night a week for 5 weeks on a Family Night

  • You’ll invest a few minutes each morning and each evening on Heartwork conversation topics for 30 Days

  • You’ll engage your children in daily devotional reading and challenges (age appropriate but follow the same weekly themes)

  • You’ll choose a project in your community or around the world to sacrificially give to over the course of your 30 days

  • You’ll share the amazing stories of what God does in your family with us!

“Kids are growing up in a world of entitlement and lacking a heart of gratitude. It’s tough to help kids think outside of themselves! Heartwork can help you fulfill your mission, particularly as it relates to spiritual formation.”

Dan Egler, President of the Association of Christian Schools International