Spend yourselves on the poor and the oppressed and your light will shine!

Every Heartworker joins the “Heart” and “Work” of their daily devotionals with some sort of project that impacts the life of people living in poverty. Isaiah 58:10 calls us to spend ourselves for the “hungry and oppressed” and that’s exactly what we intend to do!

Who are the hungry and oppressed in your world? Often it may be a neighbor or even a relative or friend who is spiritually hungry. It may be people living a few miles from you who don’t have the food, clothing or shelter they need to thrive. Or it may be that God is calling you to reach out of your community and into the world of extreme poverty and oppression that so many wonderful organizations are touching on a daily basis.

If you’re Heartworking with friends, pray together and ask the Lord where you should spend yourself! If you need some ideas, we want to introduce you to some of our friends who are touching some of the world’s deepest needs.

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Questions about your Heartwork project? We’ve got answers!

  • Can I spend myself for any project or does it have to be one on this website? Any project! Our goal is to see you spending yourself for the poor, vulnerable, lost and oppressed. That can be in your community or around the world.

  • Does Heartwork keep some of the money I raise if I choose one of the projects below? Nope! You send 100% to the organization.

  • How can I raise money when I’m just a kid? Well that’s one of our favorite questions to answer. We’ve seen students from Kindergarten to College start a hundred different kinds of small businesses, serve in their homes and communities, share their story and collect money from neighbors… The list could go on and on. Please trust us, this is no problem. Seek the Lord for an idea and go for it!

  • What sort of project is best for my group? We’ve found that young people really connect with serving other young people. That’s what you’ll find on the lists below and those are the sorts of projects we would encourage you to seek out if you choose to find one on your own!

  • Are there any projects that Heartwork wouldn’t approve of? We love when you want to help anyone in need. However, as you dive deeper into poverty issues you’ll find that some “help” isn’t actually very helpful in the long-run. Please do your research and make sure any organization you’re serving has high financial, spiritual and best-practice standards. Contact us for more info, or check out the book “When Helping Hurts” to jump into those waters! The projects below are known and loved by Heartwork staff so we can highly recommend them!


Abandoned Baby Rescue – Kenya

Join One Child Matters in providing a home, medical care, and adoption for abandoned infants.

Try to imagine your life beginning with being abandoned in a hospital or trash dump by your mother who didn’t feel she could care for you. This is the reality for an alarming number of infants in Kenya. New Life Home in Nairobi, Kenya provides a compassionate and secure home for abandoned and orphaned infants. It is within this shelter that these defenseless children receive physical care, and have their emotional and spiritual needs nurtured as well. Over 1,400 babies have been cared for here since 1994. Many need surgery or arrive into this world HIV positive. As children are nursed back to health, the adoption process begins and children are moved to loving homes! Heartwork staff have had the opportunity to visit the New Life Home and love the beautiful work of redemption happening here. We invite you to join us in supporting them!

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Human Trafficking – Philippines

Join One Child Matters in educating and caring for sex slave survivors in this trafficking hotspot.

With its beautiful beaches and coral reefs, the Philippines is a top tourist destination…with a dark side: the trafficking of children. There are an estimated 100,000 children trapped in the curse of human trafficking today in the Philippines, and the mission of the Philippines Child Rescue Home (PCRH) and its partner, the International Justice Mission (IJM), is to rescue children from the bondage of sex trafficking. Once rescued, PCRH walks alongside these children to arrive at a place of healing. With medical care, counseling, and support, these children are transformed. They can finish their education, learn vocational skills, and reenter society with hope and confidence. Heartwork staff have had the opportunity to visit PCRH and love the beautiful work of redemption happening here. We invite you to join us in supporting them!

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“Kids are growing up in a world of entitlement and lacking a heart of gratitude. It’s tough to help kids think outside of themselves! Heartwork can help you fulfill your mission, particularly as it relates to spiritual formation.”

Dan Egler, President of the Association of Christian Schools International