Elizabeth and Preston are two friends longing to make a difference in the world. They had both recently graduated from high school and were preparing to go off to college. They wanted to do something unique and make a mark with their last summer before moving away.

They had known about Heartwork for a while and been involved here and there, but something different happened in their hearts last summer at the June Desperation Conference when they heard about the success of the 1K Campaign. Their hearts were stirred as they heard story after story of students whose lives had been transformed as a result of the 1K Campaign.

They decided it was time to really go for it and do something that cost them.

They made a commitment that, beginning July 1st, they would stop eating out, stop buying extra snacks, and totally cut themselves off from Starbucks for 30 days. They figured out the average amount of money they spent on these things each month and committed to give that money towards Heartwork projects in Thailand and Swaziland. They also signed up to volunteer at the Heartwork booth during the July Desperation Conference and set aside time to pray and fast for the people who would be impacted by these two projects.

At the July Desperation Conference, Elizabeth and Preston were amazed at how much they loved getting to tell other students about what they were doing, why they were doing it, and the things they were learning through the process.

Elizabeth explained, “As I talked to younger girls and boys about our project I saw that we were encouraging people to start their own projects and efforts to rescue orphans and widows.” Elizabeth and Preston realized that they could engage their friends and their resources to impact the kingdom.

When asked the biggest ways their lives were changed by doing 30 Days of Heartwork, Preston said, “I realized that simple things I can do (or not do) can really benefit and help people halfway around the world. The realization that I’m so blessed with what I have – beyond what I need – that making sacrifices, like not eating out, are simple. Most of what we ‘sacrifice’ are actually privileges to begin with. Really, making sacrifices helps me turn my attention off of myself and live better.”

Elizabeth followed, “with both of us going to college and working jobs, even with our desire to see the nations come to Jesus, it’s hard to feel like we can make any real impact during our busy lives. Partnering with Heartwork allowed us to see that we can make a real, lasting impact on the lives of people around the globe even in the midst of our day to day lives.”

Preston and Elizabeth plan to carry the message of Heartwork to their college campus and to continue to spend themselves on behalf of those in need. Preston said, “it was just too fun doing it and it feels so good giving to others that we can’t stop now!”

What simple sacrifices have you made that have had a big impact?