Three Things to Expect from the Heartwork Blog

Three Things to Expect from the Heartwork Blog

Our staff here at Heartwork is excited to be moving towards a deeper focus on equipping leaders. God has given us a deep passion to see the next generation live sacrificially and our aim for this blog is to be a resource to you: leaders on the front lines, leading future leaders.

I am in control of many things in my life-what coffee shop I write this from, what type of coffee I have, what job I have (to an extent) and many other things. However, one of the things I have absolutely no control over is who will lead our countries and communities tomorrow.

Now, I don’t mean tomorrow as in 12 hours from now, but rather the future. One day, those we now refer to as “leaders” will pass away, and a new influx of leaders and shapers will enter into positions that will shape and direct the futures of our children and grandchildren. The young people of today will be leading tomorrow… and some are already beginning to lead.

While we recognize that young people are being shaped every day into future world changers, we don’t want to stop at recognition. We want to both cheer them on and resource, encourage, advise, and train them. We want to aid young people in becoming the kind of leaders that will direct our cultures, communities and countries in the meaningful ways for which they were created.

We may not have control over who leads tomorrow, but we can influence and lead them to impact how they lead tomorrow.

The Heartwork Blog exists for all those who have a passion for and have even committed their lives to young people. We want to provide the inspiration, encouragement and resources you need to lead well.

Here are a three things you can always expect to see on The Heartwork Blog:

  1. I N S P I R A T I O N

Stories tie people’s lives together in a beautiful way, inspiring people to keep going. We will regularly be sharing stories of leaders around the world who are seeing incredible things happen and learn from some of the things they are doing.

  1. O P P O R T U N I T Y

We always want to be intentional to not just encourage people to lead and share ideas of how to lead well, but also provide opportunities to lead and impact the world.

  1. A D V I C E

Our team has worked with hundreds of student groups across the country and wants to share what we are learning with you. We will have a monthly “Leadership +” column discussing relevant and applicable ideas and concepts as they relate to leadership.

If you have a passion to lead the next generation, this is the place to be. We encourage you to SUBSCRIBE and help spread the word to other friends you know who have the same passion as you do.

Thank you for stopping by The Heartwork Blog + please stay a while!

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