This summer, we were able to spend some time with the great people at the Desperation Conference in Colorado Springs. We walked with students and leaders through the four pillars of Heartwork in a beautiful and creative way.

As students entered the Heartwork Experience, they were faced with the reality of our consuming culture. They had the chance to consider questions such as “What do you reflect?” and “What entangles you?“, and take a moment to pray and let God speak to them about their identity in Him. As their walkthrough continued, leaders and students were challenged by the true meaning of compassion and were left with the charge to use their ordinary gifts to serve others and advance God’s Kingdom.

Whether you were at the Desperation Conference with us, or just popping by our blog for a quick update, we wanted to share some of our highlights with you! Have a look below at the “pillars” of the Heartwork message, as well as the 1,2,3’s of getting started on your Heartwork journey!

The Pillars

As you dive into the 30 Days of Heartwork you’ll learn all about the four pillars of Heartwork. Understanding “Letting Go and Identity” allows the Lord to begin the internal work. Letting go of the tight grip we hold on possessions, status and security free us up to grow into our true identity as God’s children. Compassion and Mission are external. When we decide to widen our view outside of ourselves, we see others as they are. Hurting, broken, in need. The true meaning of compassion goes beyond feeling- it’s actually co-suffering with someone, letting God break your heart for His people and hurt with the hurting. This is where mission comes in– committing to help and serve those that God has helped you to see. Our Father delights in you bringing your ordinary, every day talents in order to bless others. Only by giving it to Him will it become extraordinary

LETTING GO: We want more, but our hearts may truly need less. We are constantly consuming, but are we in fact, being consumed?

IDENTITY: Galatians 4, “So you are no longer a slave but God’s child and since you are his child God has also made you an heir…” As Christ followers, Love defines us.

COMPASSION: Sometimes compassion hurts. Compassion sits, sees and stays when others walk away.

MISSION: “There is a boy here with two barley loaves and five fish…” John 6. Isn’t it remarkable how God uses the overwhelmingly ordinary to bless many? What is your ordinary?

Getting Started

The Heartwork journey is deep and ongoing. Diving in means saying “yes” to the intimate and oftentimes painful work of letting the Lord shape our HEART. While our loving Father works on our heart, we are people who are committed also to the WORK. We let the Lord do the HEART work and we do the WORK work at the same time. We Spend Ourselves in tangible ways and live different.

Steps 1,2 and 3 are designed to give you some tangible steps to begin to take. Our biggest encouragement to you….. is to just dive on in! As students, leaders, parents— we all need to understand God’s deep love for us, and how that can overflow into the lives of those around us.


This is where your journey begins. Daily devotional and empathy challenges that inspire and teach the joy of selfless living. Live different for 30 days, it may just change the way you live forever.


With your group, choose a project to serve a need in your community or around the world. Work together, be creative! Spend yourself well. Get to know your God… Turns out, acting a lot like Jesus actually brings you quite close to him.


Inspire and encourage others by sharing your story! Keep us in the loop, and bring some friends along as you pour yourself into your Heartwork journey!