Jewel Mann | 4:19 Cupcakes | Hutchinson, KS

Jewel Mann is a Heartwork legend. She first heard about Heartwork in youth group in 7th grade and the message grabbed hold of her heart! Although she has always had a heart for orphans, Heartwork was exactly the partnership she needed to help them! Jewel’s youth group chose to raise money for a water well and they collectively raised $5,000! After seeing her group rally together and accomplish something so amazing, Jewel was inspired to start her own project! That’s when she started considering what her gifts and talents were and how they could be used to spend herself for others!

For Jewel, she has always loved to bake! Her grandma has a frosting recipe she especially loves so cupcakes it was! She set to the kitchen and began baking like crazy! She took them to church, school and the streets of her neighborhood. Throughout the project, she felt the love and support from family and friends as they helped her bake, clean and bought her cupcakes! And guess what? God blesses our ordinary and makes it extraordinary and that’s exactly what happened! She funded another $5,000 for a water well in India! Her cupcakes actually provided over the cost of the well- she raised $6,300! The surplus was put toward her second project. God so clearly gave Jewel the vision, resources and talents she needed to spend herself and it has blessed SO many!

The second time around, the Lord brought her 6 great girls to help her out and sell cupcakes. Out of these efforts came her cupcake business, 4:19 Cupcakes. What inspired the name? 1 John 4:19 – “We love Him because He first loved us.”

Jewel truly understands that His love is what it takes and that we spend ourselves for others because Jesus first spent himself on us!