Molly Kliner | Kindergarten | Resurrection Christian School | Loveland, CO

Molly Kliner is a kindergarten student at Resurrection Christian School in Loveland, Colorado. RCS chose Heartwork as their outreach program throughout the year and each grade level and class adopted a project based on the passions of their students. As a class, they chose to raise funds for the House of Hope in Guatemala. Here is Molly’s inspirational story told by her mom, Stacy:

“Molly came home and told us about the fundraiser for House of Hope and said she needed to earn $5 all on her own. She said, “But I am going to earn $50!!” She woke up at 4 am on Saturday morning, took a shower, got some paper and her crayons, and came to the coffee shop with me. She told us that she would like to have a lemonade stand (she is known for her epic lemonade stands and fresh squeezed lemonade) but she said no one will want something so cold to drink, so she wants to warm people up. It was all her idea and all her effort to have a hot chocolate stand. Molly needed help making the sign, but she decorated it. She sat at our coffee shop for 6 hours selling hot chocolate (and stealing all of the customers that WERE coming in for coffee). She even asked if she could sell bags our coffee that we roast and sell from Guatemala. Again, her idea. $75.00 worth of hot chocolate later… turned out to be an amazing experience for her and all of our customers that saw her. Her little sales pitch was adorable. She kept asking people, “Do you know what an orphan is? They don’t even have parents.” It was pretty incredible to witness. Thanks for inspiring the kiddos to do such amazing things!

Molly’s desire to spend herself for others was two-fold. She was able to tell everyone in the coffee shop about those children in Guatemala that God put on her heart and the hope that God brings! AND she raised almost $100 to send them!”