Taylor Wilson | 17 years old | Element Church | Cheyenne, WY

Taylor stepped out of his comfort zone and accepted an invitation to a youth group that he had never been to before. The youth group was doing 30 Days of Heartwork and he was challenged to commit to living differently for a month. Just as we often say at Heartwork, a month of living a different way can change your whole life!

Taylor jumped in and his testimony will challenge you too!

“Hi, my name is Taylor Wilson. I’m 17 years old and I go to Element Church. 3 years ago my family and I were introduced to Element by a close friend on Christmas Eve. That night my family fell in love and we began calling Element home. Slowly we became more engaged by volunteering at the church. Following my parents example, I tried to understand Jesus and fall in love with him, but I never got that overwhelming feeling everyone talks about. I’ve always struggled with unanswered questions, not feeling His presence, and praying. Nothing was motivating me in trying to understand Christ. So I gave up. Still going to church I didn’t listen or obtain anything our pastor preached and never understood anything people told me about Jesus.

On December 8, 2013 I was baptized hoping to fix my relationship with Jesus, but I still never had that overwhelming feeling. Then I tried to go to youth group and didn’t enjoy the experience, so I didn’t go back. In not knowing Jesus I began smoking cigarettes, hanging with the wrong crowd, and getting into trouble. With all the poor decisions I was making my parents took away my truck and my freedoms. Because of that I had to walk to the church every day after school because my mom works there. That’s where I met Pastor Brendan and had that overwhelming feeling of love for Jesus.

Brendan invited me to come to youth group and with him being persistent in asking I decided to go. Heartwork had just begun and Brendan showed a video of this man fundraising to go to Africa. On his trip he helped build and feed this small community. It touched my heart so deeply that I committed myself to Heartwork. I gave up my comforts and began sleeping on the floor, carrying around a 5 pound sandbag, and having 1 meal of just rice and beans. In doing this I experienced the struggles that people have in not having the comforts we have. I also wanted to fundraise. In doing that, the senior high girls from my youth group and I made baked goods and pancakes for our church, giving them away on Sunday just asking for donations. I also carried around a jar explaining to people what I was fundraising for and asking for donations from peers and teachers at my school. Through this experience I’ve begun to learn and empathize with children who don’t have comforts we do, and by being a part of Heartwork I’ve met an amazing group of people who have shifted my life and have made me a better person.

In the future I want to share with teens and younger generations my story to touch them and bring them closer to God. I want to travel and feel God work through me in helping people all over the world experience Jesus the way I did.”