“A long obedience in the same direction”. Isn’t this a beautiful definition of faithfulness from German philosopher Fredrick Nietzsche?

Would others characterize you as a “faithful” person? It is vital to your spiritual health to ask yourself the right questions. Evaluate your daily habits and take a minute to ask yourself this question, “What does it look like to stay faithful in the midst of everyday life?”

To remain “faithful” in anything these days is rare. A diet, an exercise plan, simply finishing a book you started, or following through with what you said you would do.

Faithfulness is a million tiny decisions and a million small surrendering – submitting with a simple ‘yes, Lord’- that create a lifetime of obedience in the extraordinary and in the mundane.” (Katie Davis)
Jesus speaks of faithfulness in Luke 16:10 “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.”

Faithfulness isn’t flashy. Faithfulness is the tiny things you do when no one is watching. Faithfulness is acting on what you know to be true and right, on the days you just don’t “feel it”.

When I think of someone who is “faithful”, I don’t picture someone constantly striving, stressed, and laboring for the Lord. The motivation for faithfulness (a long obedience in the same direction) is to be daily captivated by God’s grace (His undeserved favor), that it moves you to live your life in a way that glorifies Him in a hundred tiny decisions you make each day. It’s steady. It becomes as natural as breathing.

Faithfulness can be hard but it isn’t complicated. Place yourself before God’s Word daily to remind yourself of His amazing grace…breath it in, then respond to that grace in the way you love, work, and play… to breath out praise!

++Taking the time to ask yourself the right questions, could change the course of your life. What are some things you need to change to be characterized by being “faithful”? ++