We’re moving to Guatemala and bringing the message of Heartwork with us!

A message from the Heartwork Founders, Jeremiah and Niki Parks.

Friends, we have been on quite a journey and we want to share it with you! In the early Summer of 2017 the Lord spoke to us that there was “an evolution coming to Heartwork” and that we would be spending more of our lives, with our family, in another country serving orphans, widows and the poor.  We received this word from God with great joy! The message of Heartwork has its roots in the beautiful biblical revelation that serving orphans, widows, and those suffering in poverty and intimately knowing God are inextricably connected. Through the 30 Days of Heartwork program many students have “spent themselves” for those living in poverty, which has opened opportunities for us to travel the globe visiting vulnerable children, orphans, widows, victims of sex-trafficking; people caught in great suffering.  It’s clear, this next step for us is not a departure, but an “evolution”. So…..

We’re thrilled to share with you that after many conversations, prayers and miracles, we’ve been led to move, for half of each year, to a very special place called Casa Angelina in the mountains of Guatemala! Casa Angelina is home to nearly 140 orphaned, abandoned or abused children who have been removed from their homes (or abusive orphanages) by the government and placed there, and WOW, what a place it is! We visited in July, and were blown away by the incredible job the founders (Ivan and Kimberley Tait of What Matters Ministries and Missions) and their staff have done. The long, challenging and beautiful journey of healing and restoration taking place in these kids’ lives is remarkable. It’s being led by the Spirit of God through a faithful team of loving adults who have been committed to this work and this region for 14 years. As Casa Angelina grows, they are in need of Assistant Pastors to help oversee the spiritual and emotional healing, growth and development of the children while the Pastors (Andrew and Bethany Frazer) are traveling in the U.S. for part of the year. This is where our family comes in!

We’re honored to take on this role of pastoring these children and teens for 6 months of each year. We’ll be traveling with our family to Casa Angelina for 3 months this Spring, home in Colorado for the summer, and back to Guatemala again for 3 months in the fall. We’ll be getting to know the children at Casa Angelina, preaching, teaching, counseling, worshipping, helping with teams from the U.S. that come to serve, joining the older children and staff at Casa Angelina as they serve 40 local widows, and more. We are so impressed with the good news and the good work that is happening at Casa Angelina and we can’t believe we get to be a part of it. The opportunity to live in both the U.S. and at Casa Angelina, to do both the “heart” and the “work” of Heartwork in tangible ways feels right for our family, right for Heartwork, it is such a gift.

Heartwork is on the move! In our own lives, and in the 30 Days of Heartwork program that’s on track to grow more in 2019 than ever before. We will continue to lead, write, connect, preach and spread the message of Heartwork, now from Guatemala half of each year, and from home.  Our 3 children are so excited about the opportunity to bring tangible love and hope to kids their own age, and are learning Spanish like champs. There’s much to prepare for this big step, but we have such peace, knowing that God is leading us every step of the way.

We invite you to join us on this journey! We need your support as always.

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We are so grateful for you and remember you in our prayers daily!

With love,

Jeremiah and Niki Parks