Isaiah 58:10 says,
if you will spend yourselves for the oppressed,
a miracle will happen.

As a leader, you are investing in the lives of students and we want to serve you in that incredible work. Heartwork helps pastors, educators, and parents to empower their students to live differently, counter-culturally, and generously right in the middle of their every day lives.

Isaiah 58:10 says, if you will spend yourselves for the oppressed, a miracle will happen. Your own light will rise in the dark places of your life. We have found this ancient truth to be so powerful in students’ lives.

Jesus spends himself for us. And as we spend ourselves for others, we get to know him in a way that is unique, formational, and transformational.

30 Days of Heartwork is designed to resource you to engage the next generation with a desperately needed experience with God. We provide the content and services to make it really easy for you to focus on relationships with students and spending yourselves for a project, in your community or around the world!

The resources in your Starter Kit include:

  • 30 daily devotionals for students
  • Empathy Challenges

  • Teaching Guides

  • Videos, Graphics & Presentations

  • Communication for your community

  • Virtual Reality Experience

The services provided with each Starter Kit include:

  • Reminder/Encouraging text messages to students

  • Before/After assessments

  • Coaching/Training for Leaders

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There are two ways to get the 30 Days of Heartwork devotional content to your students.

Paperback. The 30 Days of Heartwork Devotional Journal is the most immersive way to experience the Heartwork content. In addition to the daily “Heart” and “Work” readings, there are true stories, reflection questions and journaling space.

Smartphone. The same daily Scriptures, “Heart” and “Work” readings are also available on the YouVersion Bible App.

Whether you prefer for your students to read the Heartwork content on their phones or in a journal, they will also receive a series of text messages from Heartwork that will include weekly empathy challenges, reminders and encouragement.

Before/After Assessments

Students and adult leaders complete an introduction to Heartwork assessment which helps lay a foundation for what they are going to be experiencing and gives you as a leader an idea of where their needs are. The final assessment reveals growth areas and stories from their 30 Days of Heartwork experience.

Assessments are received and completed through a convenient link that is a part of the 30 Days of Heartwork text message series. If students do not have smartphones, a link will be provided to leaders to complete the assessment on a computer or to print and mail.


Empathy Challenges are a foundational part of the 30 Days of Heartwork experience. As much as teenagers hear about what they should believe, there’s nothing like engaging mind, body and spirit together in practices of solidarity with our brothers and sisters living in poverty.

There are small daily challenges like writing notes or practicing forgiveness, and weekly empathy challenges like sleeping on the floor, eating beans and rice and fasting media. It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it. Many life changing moments happen when students practice giving up their “normal” for a season of empathy.


We want your 30 Days of Heartwork experience to be simple, but full of inspiring challenges, faith, and new perspectives! To enhance your journey, check out our complete video library, fundraising ideas from students around the country, and more on how to continue your Heartwork journey after the 30 Days are done.

Video Library


Heartwork groups spend themselves for wonderful projects, in their own communities and all around the world. If your group would like recommendations on projects, we would love to introduce you to some of our friends!

Our Project Partners have opportunities to bless people through transitional housing support systems, micro-financing, human trafficking rescue and rehabilitation and abandoned baby care and adoption. These are trusted friends who we know you will love working with.