If you’re a student or who’s finished 30 Days of Heartwork and you’re wondering how to continue this journey, we want to help! 30 Days of Heartwork is just the beginning. We believe you have such an adventure of serving God and others ahead of you! Here are some ideas to get you going.

Heartworking Every Year

Like Advent or Easter, the concepts of spending yourself are something worth revisiting annually!

Blogs & Websites

Prepare to be challenged and free in ways you may have never imagined.

Give to Your Church

Your local church is probably doing great work in your community. Check it out and get involved!


Sponsor a Child

Consider talking with your family or a group of friends about sponsoring a child.

Conferences and Movements

Join one of these incredible communities! They’ve got stories and training in learning to spend yourselves well!

Internship Opportunities

Interested in growing with a justice / development organization? Here ya go!

Spend Yourselves Well!

Check out the work of these partners and friends, jump in and serve them with all of your heart!


The Culture Translator

Weekly insight into how culture, technology, and media are influencing your students…

Books We Love

Keep learning about God’s heart for those affected by poverty and how to engage in a healthy way.

Become a Student Leader

Bring the Heartwork message to your friends and family!

Share Your Story

Become an entrepreneur, get involved at school, serve in your community and share your journey.