Giving to Heartwork touches the lives of students around the world. Your investment is like a seed, multiplied toward poverty relief as Heartwork students experience our 30 Days of Heartwork program and give to a project of their choice.

Please consider giving to grow the reach of 30 Days of Heartwork, or partner with our founders, the Parks family, as they spend themselves at a home for rescued orphans in the mountains of Guatemala!


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More on the Parks Family in Guatemala

Spending yourselves looks different for everyone. For our founders, spending themselves means spending half of each year, at an established, incredible orphanage called Casa Angelina near Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

What a joy and honor to expand the Heartwork message in their own lives and in the next generation of Guatemalan leaders! The Parks role as assistant pastors at Casa Angelina includes:



  • Living with and pastoring over 140 children and teens who have been orphaned and rescued at Casa Angelina
  • Ministering inner healing to once marginalized children, now future leaders of Guatemala
  • Welcoming teams from the U.S. to serve sacrificially on short term trips and internships
  • Visiting and caring for 60 women who have been widowed in the local community
  • Assisting teenage students with English practice and worship leading
  • Of course, continuing the work of 30 Days of Heartwork from our Colorado office and from Guatemala


“I know you are made for more…”

A father stood on the stage at his son’s youth group in 2008 and said, “I want to repent to you on behalf of my generation. We have left you a legacy of addiction and self-indulgence that has led to all kinds of evil. Would you forgive us?” As tears began to flow all around the room he continued, “I know you are made for more. I believe it is your destiny to rescue the destinies of children who are abandoned, hungry and hurting all around the world. I want to help you.”

This moment was the beginning of Heartwork. This loving dad challenged the students to give sacrificially, raising funds for orphan homes. He committed to matching their funds. Between a bunch of junior high and high school kids and this loving family’s gift, the group was able to raise $127,000 in just 8 weeks.

This story of incredible faith and action began with eyes to see the deep need of our own students here at home, ears to hear the cries of children living in extreme poverty around the world and the heart to bridge the gap with humility and sacrificial love. Is that not the story of redemption Jesus tells again and again?

We watched as a new light rose in the lives of students, the adult champions, the children internationally who needed hope… The truth is, we all need this hope.

“If you will spend yourself on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness and your night will become like the noonday.” – Isaiah 58:10

Join us in this journey!


You have a part to play in shaping our young generation! Want to know a secret? Students don’t need hip or flashy. They just want to see you spending yourself for others and they will join you with loads of passion!