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invites you

to join us on a journey called 

30 Days of Heartwork.

Grain of Hope’s mission is to enhance vitality in communities. And the miracle of God’s nature is this: As we open up opportunities for others to thrive, we experience vitality in our own lives too!

Isaiah 58:10 shows us the way… if you will spend yourselves for the oppressed, a miracle will happen! Your own light will rise in the dark places of your life. We have found this ancient truth to be so powerful in students’ lives. Together, let’s respond to this beautiful invitation from our Creator.

30 Days of Heartwork is an immersive discipleship experience designed to equip you, as a leader, to engage your students in daily scripture memory, prayer, practical challenges, Kingdom generosity and unity. Join us in this unique and transformative fundraising effort, offering a grain of hope to a community in need!

Your Digital “30 Days” Kit includes:

  • 30 daily digital devotionals for students (via text & app)

  • Engaging “Empathy Challenges”

  • Sermon outlines and visual presentations (5 weeks)

  • Small group discussion guides

  • Communication resources for your community

  • High quality videos (even virtual reality!)

  • Before/After student surveys for you to learn from

  • E-book for training leaders, empowering parents

  • Ideas for creative elements for you meeting space



Located in the heart of West Africa, Burkina Faso is a landlocked nation about the size of Colorado and is home to over 16 million people. It’s estimated that 90% of the population lives in rural areas and 50% of the population lives on less than $1 per day. Led by a Burkina national with over 20 years of experience in relief and development in his home country, Grain of Hope is addressing issues of sustainable agriculture, clean water, education and medical care. 

Animal husbandry programs, high-tech organic farming, vocational and technical schools, women’s and children’s hospital and mobile/rural clinics are among the solutions that Grain of Hope employs to  the layered challenges in this beautiful nation. Caring for, rather than exploiting, the land and it’s people are of utmost importance. Grain of Hope has been and will continue to walk with these communities… learning, mentoring, duplicating and fighting the good fight to see vitality and thriving there. 

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El Salvador is located in the beautiful mountains of Central America. With coffee plantations everywhere, the capital of San Salvador is located in a green valley that has so many amazing views. World-class beaches are less than an hour away, and the culture is full of people who love to interact with visitors to their country.

Grain of Hope’s work centers on caring for abandoned children, cultivating sustainable agriculture models, and addressing issues of homelessness, gangs, and lack of maternal health care. 

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Haiti was the poorest country in the western hemisphere before the earthquake in 2010, which means that even after the outpouring of support, Haitians have been subject to corrupt government, unstable infrastructure (it’s the only country in the western hemisphere that does not have a sewer system), abject poverty, and lack of education for years. Many Haitians live in extreme poverty.

Grain of Hope focuses on sustainable job skills to help locals contribute to rebuilding infrastructure. New technology is applied to animal husbandry and farming techniques to educate farmers on sustainable practices that carry them through natural disasters and drought. Maternal care centers address the reality of Haiti’s infant mortality rate, which is the highest in the Western Hemisphere. And supporting and developing local / startup businesses helps to add value to the marketplace and encourage people to stay and invest in their home country. 

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While the Christian church has experienced tremendous growth in Cambodia in recent years, the country remains deeply mired in a spiritual darkness that breeds moral collapse. Cambodia has a long history of selling humans into the sex trade industry. Because of the vast poverty in this country, many families feel forced to sell their own children for survival. Today, the sex trade industry is flourishing, with up to 20% of all tourists participating in it, putting children and teenage girls especially at risk. Rescuing victims from the industry is no small feat, and for those who are rescued, the road to recovery and healing is long.

Grain of Hope specializes in community centers, job training and vocational skills in rural areas, where families are most vulnerable to severe poverty that often leads to selling their children into trade in order to survive. 

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Lush rainforests, beautiful beaches and mountain volcanoes make for a tourist’s dream come true, but many don’t get to see the often-hidden side of Costa Rica. From shanty towns of Nicaraguan refugees to indigenous communities of unreached people-groups deep in the mountains, there’s much more to Costa Rica than meets the eye! 

Grain of Hope’s work includes job training for refugees who came to Costa Rica seeking a better life, only to find themselves marginalized, and for vulnerable/rural youth moving into cities in search of work. 

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The Dominican Republic covers the eastern two-thirds of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, which it shares with Haiti, and is about the size of New Hampshire and Vermont combined. With a population of approximately 10 million people, over 40% live under the poverty line. A high unemployment rate, lack of education, and poorly guarded resources further perpetuate the country’s problems.

Grain of Hope is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to aid in economic development for the people of the Dominican Republic. Our objective is to implement a solution that addresses the lack of clean water, food sustainability short-comings, the limited access to primary healthcare, and the absence of technical and vocational job training for the poor and marginalized.

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Since the time of St. Patrick, Ireland has strongly identified with the Christian faith and the Catholic Church. Recent decades, however, have seen a major shift. Ireland now has one of the highest rates of “convinced atheists” per capita of any English-speaking country. While church attendance has fallen significantly in Ireland since the 1970s, other rates such as drug addiction and suicide have climbed to among the highest in Europe. Amid all the hopelessness, we see light in the small percentage of Christ-following, disciple-making believers who are active in Dublin. Will you come shine your light here, too?

Grain of Hope’s work in Dublin includes holistic programs that address the root causes of addiction and plans for restoration back into community, as well as affordable childcare solutions and job skill programs that reduce the unemployment traps which fuel the cycle of homelessness and addiction.

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