30 Days of Heartwork Kit for Children’s Ministry


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With the purchase of your 30 Days of Heartwork kit you will receive
1. A digital download for introduction to your campaign
2. A kit in the mail with resource samples you will need for a high-quality campaign (1 book, 1 t-shirt, 5 wristbands)
3. Services from Heartwork for up to 35 students (if your group is larger, simply add students below. For example, if you anticipate 40 students participating, add “5”)

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  • Digital Download of the Welcome to Heartwork Pastor and Leader e-book
  • 30 Days┬áDigital Content
    • 5 sermon outlines with keynote presentations and discussion guides
    • Weekly videos (choose from 9) and 35 beautifully designed social media graphics
    • Parent e-book and 5 crafted parent emails for each week
  • Services before and during your 30 Days of Heartwork include:
    • Consultation on selecting a project and campaign plan
    • 1 hour webinar training for leadership team
  • Additional products that will enhance your Heartwork experience include:
    • Paperback books for daily student content (for students who don’t have access to YouVersion on smartphones or would prefer a journaling experience over digital)
    • T-shirts to promote campaign or use for fundraising for your project
    • Wristbands or mugs for daily reminders or fundraising

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