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We invite you to live differently for 30 days. It might change the way you live forever. 

30 Days of HEARTWORK is an immersive discipleship journey designed to teach students the joy of spending themselves for others.

The themes found in HEARTWORK content include:

  • letting go of cultural norms to live a Kingdom-focused life

  • identifying as a giver and not just a taker in our world

  • compassionate and missional living

  • forgiveness (self and others)

  • the Living Water we have in Jesus

  • how to defeat an entitlement mentality

Find 30 Days of HEARTWORK on the YouVersion Bible App! 

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Parents and Leaders

We have teaching resources for you to use for free! Please contact us if you’d like 5 weeks of sermon notes or family night guides that track with the 30 day devo. We’ve got presentations, videos, graphics, and lots of creative ideas for your family or group. 



Check out AXIS

We would love for you to check out our HEARTWORK content, along with so many great resources with our partners, AXIS. They are on a mission to connect parents, teens and Jesus in a disconnected world. We highly recommend The Culture Translator and look forward to their integration of all of the Heartwork themes into their content in the near future. 


Thank you for your interest in HEARTWORK and the work of Jeremiah and Niki Parks, both in the U.S. and in Guatemala. Please know that your donation means so much to us. We love doing what we do in partnership with you!

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