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You Make a Difference

Your support is changing lives.

Heartwork is committed to serving vulnerable women and children as well as ministering to thousands of people each year through our devotional resources. Whether you’re praying for us or partnering with Heartwork or Casa Angelina in other ways, we’re sending our love your way. We know we couldn’t do this without our fantastic community.

Mailing address for check donations:

1887 Snowflake Dr.

Colorado Springs, CO 80921

The James One27 Initiative

Heartwork is powered by the The James One27 Initiative, a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Jeremiah and Niki are co-founders of The James One27 Initiative and passionately help lead its mission to support ministries serving widows and orphans around the world.

The James One27 Initiative provides these missionaries, including HEARTWORK, with crucial administrative resources and essential business services. Together, we create a global network of support for those in need.

When you donate to Heartwork, your contributions make a difference and leave a lasting impact. As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, tax-deductable receipts will include both "Heartwork" and "The James One27 Initiative."

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