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About Us

Our Story


Hello friend. 


We are Jeremiah and Niki Parks, the founders of Heartwork. In 2008 after a series of heartbreaking events in the church where we served in Colorado Springs, we felt led to focus on Isaiah 58:10 as the students in our youth group were healing. 


If you will spend yourselves… Your light will rise in the darkness. 


We were all in need of some light in the darkness! So, we invited students to remember the deepest needs in the world. We challenged them to ask God how they could participate in Kingdom redemption, offering their own time, work, money, prayers, and compassion toward building several orphan homes. This led to a season of such healing, miracles, and joy in the group that other churches began asking how to engage in a similar endeavor.


As we put into words all that God had been doing in our midst, Heartwork was born. 


“The reality is that Jesus cared a whole lot about the lonely, the poor, and the outcast. We live in a culture that tells us to “climb higher,” and while we do, we tend to isolate ourselves from the weak and vulnerable. As we give God room to open our eyes, we will see that there are people in the world who need us to care about more than just our own comfort. And just as importantly, we will see some areas in our lives that also need rescuing.”


Quote from Day 1 of 30 Days of Heartwork


A Deeper Calling

After ten years of spreading the message of Heartwork, preaching, teaching, and writing content for teens and families around the country, we sensed it was time to take a deeper dive into the needs of orphans and widows. We ended up miraculously connecting with the Tait family, whose ministry had touched our lives when Jeremiah was just a boy. Since 2018 we've had the great privilege of serving as assistant pastors at their orphanage in Guatemala. We absolutely love Casa Angelina and hope you get to come visit someday. 


In the meantime, check out 30 Days of Heartwork on the YouVersion Bible App, and let us know if we can serve your church or event by creating devotional content, teaching or sending free additional pastor/parent resources. 

Thank You

Thank you for your partnership. Whether you’re praying for us or partnering with Heartwork or Casa Angelina in other ways, we’re sending our love your way. We know we couldn’t do this without our fantastic community.


Thank you for your interest in HEARTWORK and the work of Jeremiah and Niki Parks, both in the U.S. and in Guatemala. Please know that your donation means so much to us. We love doing what we do in partnership with you!

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