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Casa Angelina

Life in Guatemala

Many friends ask us what our day-to-day life is like at Casa Angelina. In short, it's full of the daily grace of God within a community that has experienced extraordinary suffering, and incredible miracles. Here's an overview of how we spend six months there each year.


We share in the pastoral work, serving in several capacities that include:

  • a rotation with Pastors Andrew and Bethany Frazer in leading worship and preaching for church, youth group, student leadership, and children’s services

  • ministering to the local staff through visits, prayer, and teaching

  • pastoral visits to spend time and pray with the 100+ widows in the program who live outside of Casa Angelina

  • spending weekly time in devotionals and playing with small groups of pre-teen children 

  • practicing English conversation to reinforce what kids are learning in school

  • helping to facilitate significant events like holidays and outings

  • simply living alongside the Casa Angelina children as another healthy family, representing redeemed relationships for them in daily life

For more information about the history of Casa Angelina, and its beautiful future, please check out their website and tour video below. It's such an honor for us to be a part of what God is doing there, and we know you will love it! 


Watch our Latest Video Update!

It's a joy to share how God is at work in Guatemala.

Join a team trip to Casa Angelina

There is nothing like seeing it firsthand!

We invite you to come on a team trip to Guatemala this year.


Thank you for your interest in HEARTWORK and the work of Jeremiah and Niki Parks, both in the U.S. and in Guatemala. Please know that your donation means so much to us. We love the work God has given us together, and we are so grateful for partnership with you!

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